What are CDW, LDW, SCDW and ECDW?

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You may be wonder what are CDW, LDW, SCDW and ECDW? Most of the time you can encounter with lots of abbreviations and it's confusing.

CDW and LDW are first-class insurance with an excess fee. CDW is derived from Collision Damage Waiver and LDW is derived from Loss Damage Waiver.

In sum, CDW or LDW is first-class insurance with an excess fee or with a deductible.

*If there is an accident and you are not at default having a third party involved, the renter is not responsible for the damage. (The insurance company will collect the payment from the insurance company of another party.)

SCDW and ECDW are the first-class insurance with no excess fee. SCDW is derived from Super Collision Damage Waiver and ECDW is derived from Extra Collision Damage Waiver. The renter is not responsible for damage when accident whether you are at the default or not at the default.

Most of the car companies will usually have theft protection, CDW and third party insurance. CDW helps the renter to limit the expenses to an only excess fee instead of paying all real expenses that might occur from the accident especially when you are at the default.

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