What is the excess fee for car rental?

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Excess fee is the expense in the part the renter has to pay the maximum in the event of an accident in the event that the renter is at fault or without a third party If there is an accident. Rental cars are normally covered by first-class insurance with excess fees and we called "Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)"

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) limits the driver’s liability in the event that the rental car is damaged, subject to the terms of the rental agreement. The driver is only responsible for the first small portion known as the ‘excess’ amount instead of the full cost. This protection applies to all authorized drivers of the rental car.

Most car rental providers at the airport have additional insurance to buy. It is first-class insurance with no excess or deductible fee.

Some car rental providers located outside the airport have also additional insurance available to buy. However, the renter should check and inquire for sure before renting a car.

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